Our Work

Maasai Sisters is a Kenyan non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing
Maasai girls from female genital mutilation (FGM) and early forced marriages.

We work to ensure all Maasai girls can pursue their educations and fulfill their
dreams. When the girls are rescued, Maasai Sisters provides a host of services
including counseling, nutrition, exercise, and health care to rehabilitate the girls back to health and happiness. From here, we secure sponsorships for their educations. Many of the girls we serve have never attended school before.

Eventually, Maasai Sisters reconciles the girls back with their families, with the end goal of eradicating poverty in their communities. By empowering and educating Maasai girls, we seek to nurture a generation of leaders that will help bring an end to FGM and early forced marriage.


Lucy’s StoryLucy

Lucy Itore is a Kenyan educator, activist, and the founder and director of Maasai Sisters.

After being put through female genital mutilation (FGM) as a young girl and almost bleeding to death, Lucy fled her village in the middle of the night to escape a forced marriage to an adult man. She found refuge with a family member
in Nairobi and fought hard to complete her studies to become a teacher.

Now, Lucy is a teacher and Assistant Principal at Ilbissil Primary Boarding School in Bissil, Kenya. Since 2014 she has rescued over 200 girls from FGM, child
marriage, and other forms of child abuse. Lucy has dedicated her life to becoming a voice for vulnerable Maasai children and to championing education as tool for community transformation.